BE-SMART Study at Yale on New Psychobehavioral Add-On Therapy for Emotion Regulation

BE-SMART is an acronym for Brain Emotion Circuitry-Targeted Self-Monitoring and Regulation Therapy during whichhealthy habits to help better regulate emotions are taught and practiced. This is a study of a 12-week psychobehavioral treatment with fMRI scanning pre, mid and post to examine related brain changes. It is an add-on treatment so no changes in other treatments needed (subjects are encouraged to stay in treatment with their current provider and can stay on their medications). 3 sessions are in-person and the other 9 are by zoom (a skype type of communication). Subjects are compensated up to $360! Subjects will include teens and young adults with Bipolar Disorder I, II, or OS. Exclusion criteria include current active substance use disorder or contraindication to MRI scanning.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Hilary Blumberg ( or Bernadette Lecza ( at (203) 737-2868 or Erin Carrubba ( at (203) 737-2507.

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