Professional & Community Programs

NAMI Connecticut offers a number of programs to serve the needs of community and professional audiences. For more information on any of the programs listed here, please call the NAMI Connecticut office at: 1-800-215-3021.

NAMI Connecticut offers customized professional presentations and in-service programs to meet the needs of a specific organization. Depending upon the time involved, a professional fee may be required.

NAMI Connecticut is available to provide community groups with information on mental illness – including specific disorders, and our organization. These presentations can be tailored to fit a group’s specific needs and time allotment.

NAMI Ending the Silence
NAMI Ending the Silence (ETS) is a prevention and early intervention program that engages youth in a discussion about mental health. This 50-minute in-school presentation is designed for middle and high school age youth. Students learn early warning signs of mental illness, as well as receive resources and tools to help themselves, friends or family members who may be experiencing symptoms of mental illness. They may also may realize that they’re not alone. This program is offered to schools and students at no cost(!), though donations are always welcome. Read More...

For more information or to schedule a presentation of ETS, please contact Valerie Le, NAMI Connecticut Program Director, at (860) 882-0236, x31, or via email at:

NAMI Provider Education
NAMI Provider Education is a five-session staff development program for healthcare personnel who work directly with people affected by mental illness. This unique program is led by people living in recovery and by family members who share their personal, intimate perspective on their treatment experience. The material is also available in a 4-hour introductory seminar.

The course helps providers understand the challenges that families and individuals face and appreciate the courage and persistence it takes to live with mental illness. Read More...

Mental Health Providers commented that they learned:

  • “Next steps for fostering collaborative relationships with my clients and their family members.”
  • “Help on how to integrate family members into treatment and ways to encourage patients to include family members in care.”
  • “Enhanced person-centered practices for client success and wellness.”
  • “Better ways to communicate with all involved in treatment and advocacy for people living with a mental illness.”
  • “How to obtain support services for family members and what NAMI can offer.”
  • “A better understanding and increased knowledge of the relationship between providers, family members and consumers.”
  • “How to overcome barriers to collaboration.”

For information on this program please contact Paul Brainerd, NAMI Connecticut Provider Education Coordinator, at: (860) 882-0236, or via email at:

Mental Health First Aid

NAMI Connecticut has trained Mental Health First Aid instructors who are available to conduct this course. The course provides a basic overview of mental health issues and diagnoses, as well as strategies that can be used to help someone who may be in crisis. This is an eight hour course and there is a charge to take the course.


Please Consider Donating or Joining NAMI Connecticut Today.
Please consider donating or joining NAMI Connecticut today. We offer FREE Education, Support and Advocacy for families, professionals and those living with mental health issues. Please email Liz Taylor, Executive Director at for more information on how we can support you as a professional.

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