Support Groups

Alternatives to Suicide (Alt2Su)

The Alternatives to Suicide approach is about openly exploring the meaning behind thoughts and feelings of suicide, as well as what might be worth living for. In “Alt2Su” groups we find strength in coming together to support one another in our times of greatest distress. Our collective wisdom and individual stories have taught us that making space for this topic can be powerful and healing, whether in a peer support setting or anywhere else these conversations come up.

Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA)

The Survivors of Suicide Attempts Support Group offers suicide attempt survivors a safe, nonjudgmental place to talk about their common experience of having survived a suicide attempt. Members are encouraged to share their stories of recovery to support each other and learn new ways to cope with suicidal thoughts. Through peer support and clinician-guided facilitation, we seek to encourage a supportive community to
foster the development of effective coping skills and create hope for the future

Out of the Abyss - A group for Young Adults ages 18-29

"Out of the Abyss" is an online adventure program for young adults to navigate the darkness in the current environment - and beyond. This group is both a time to strategize and share ideas for coping with difficult life circumstances AND an adventure module for the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game

Get Involved

Join the Connecticut Suicide Advisory Board

Mission: The CTSAB is a network of diverse advocates, educators and leaders concerned with addressing the problem of suicide with a focus on prevention, intervention, and health and wellness promotion.

Vision: The CTSAB seeks to eliminate suicide by instilling hope across the lifespan.

Membership: The CTSAB is a diverse, collaborative network of over 600 people and 200 agencies representing state and local agencies, profit and non-profits, community and faith-based organizations, hospitals, military, schools, higher education, towns, private citizens, students, survivors, individuals with lived experience, and advocates.

Learn more:
Monthly Meetings are on the second Thursday of the month from 9:00AM-11:00AM

Join the Attempt Survivor/Lived Experience Committee

The Attempt Survivor Committee members help inform the CT Suicide Advisory Board’s suicide prevention, intervention and response, and mental health promotion efforts from the lived experience perspective. We are welcome new members to contribute to this effort, and to instill hope with the mission to show that those with thoughts about suicide are not alone, and that there is help.
Monthly Meetings are on the second Thursday of the month from 11:15AM-12:15PM
Contact us to join:

Telling Your Own Story

Sometimes when peoples’ lives have been touched by suicide, they want to help others by sharing their experience. Sharing one’s story with the public through presentations and media interviews is an important way to educate people about suicide.

Become an In Our Own Voice presenter and share your story.

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