Young Adults at Risk

According to a study published February 1st, 2018, in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Psychiatry, young people who have been newly diagnosed with a mental health condition that includes psychosis are at a much higher risk of death. The main causes of death listed were typically injuries or poisoning, and typically occurred within the first 2 years of diagnosis.

Shockingly, within the first year, the adolescents and young adults who were included in the study were found to be EIGHT TIMES more likely to die than the control group!

The researchers stated: “Our findings support the importance of systematic early intervention for young people experiencing the first onset of psychosis. Strong evidence supports the effectiveness of coordinated specialty care programs for improving clinical outcomes.”

Jessica Pollard, PhD, Clinical Director at the YALE Specialized Treatment Early in Psychosis (STEP) Program states: "We are fortunate to have … the privilege of seeing time and time again how recovery from psychotic disorders is possible."

One of the key components of recovery can be support groups, and NAMI Connecticut offers several types of support groups for both people in recovery, as well as their caregivers get information as well as support, including young adult peer support groups.

For more information about local support groups in Connecticut, please visit:

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