Welcome to the NAMI CT Blog

NAMI Connecticut is excited to welcome readers to its first blog! As the only NAMI-affiliated state organization in Connecticut, NAMI Connecticut is dedicated to offering an array of services to people who are living with psychiatric conditions and their family members. NAMI Connecticut strives to educate and empower individuals with mental health conditions, their friends and family members, as well as professionals and the community.

What NAMI Connecticut Offers

NAMI Connecticut offers hope, love and support through more than 40 support groups that dot the state. A sizable collection of affiliates offer additional activities. Meetings and programs focus attention on information and research in an effort to educate and support individuals as they strive for recovery. NAMI Connecticut also has the objective to empower people and educate the general public about the realities of living with psychiatric conditions for family members and individuals.

What to Expect From the NAMI Connecticut Blog

The goal of this blog is that it provides hope, understanding, calls to action, and solutions to those who are impacted by mental illness. Readers of the new NAMI Connecticut blog can expect to find thoughtful, engaging and informative articles that explore a range of topics in support of our mental health mission. From practical advice and education to the latest laws and regulations, the NAMI Connecticut blog is your source for informative and balanced content. Regular blog updates designed to educate and support will highlight upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in the community.

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